Wooden Houses and Durability of Timber on the Outside

Protecting the timber exposed to the exterior from the effect of the time or the action of biological agents has been for a long time a problem and a difficult solution. The emergence in the 1960s of the dyers marked a crucial step in the search for better protection that ensures greater durability of the wood on the outside.

Advantages of the dyers

Timber supplies for your home renovation projectThe dyers, known in Australia as decorative shields, are coatings that permeate the wood without making layers with a finish to open pore which allows to regulate the humidity of the wood to facilitate the exit of the water vapor from inside. You can find this kind of products at every good timber supplier warehouse. The dyers plug not the grain of the wood, providing a complete, transparent and decorative that it enhances its natural beauty, with a reasonable duration and maintenance economic to prevent stripping when it comes to repaint.

Its composition protects timber against weathering (solar UV and water), by means of highly resistant resins reinforced with solar filters, water repellents of herbicides against insects and fungi and the water.

Technological advances and the strengthening of the legislation on the environment has led to the emergence on the market of the primer “into the water”, which improve in many aspects to solvent-based.

The dyers to the water are a product of great flexibility, durability, quick dry, non-flammable, with low levels of VOC (volatile organic compounds), which are cleaned with water and environmentally friendly.

What you need to know about Wooden houses building process in WA.

The wood constructions in Western Australia are subject to strict compliance with all urban development regulations. It must be urban or developed land.
In short: You will need a project, building permit, submit to the established setbacks, etc.
In certain areas is permitted the construction of shelters, huts of garden, bungalow, camping, garages, or even detached, single-family homes or chalets, rustic floors (depends on the municipality where you wish to build). This customer should consult it directly at your City Council. You might want to talk to a professional timber supplier in Perth to make sure you are on the right track with your project.